Sneak peek of Geared to the Past


Saturday, 13 June 1884, 7:30 pm

Master Fei-hung’s room


A high-pitched screech sounded from outside the shuttered window of Master Fei-hung’s warmly lit sleeping quarters. Moments later a second sharp scream left no doubt that Ying had returned. Zhu and Yun immediately rose and held open a tunic while Hong-li lifted the heavy wooden cross-brace, and threw open the shutters. Everyone stood staring out the open window into the dusky evening sky. What followed had Jones and Roark wide-eyed with excitement. A large Eagle flew into the room through the open window, talons first, as if to attack its prey, but instead opened his wings and glided while morphing into an older monk. He broke into a warm sheepish grin as he took two steps forward into the waiting tunic. He wrapped his body in the orange garment and bowed. Zhu and Yun returned a bow to Ying and stepped away. Everyone once again formed a circle, waiting patiently for the report, with the exception of Roark whose exhilaration was made apparent by his laced fingers around his head.

“Me thinks ‘at was a mircle. I dunt know how ‘at’s done, but me thinks I want ta learn so I can change inta a cat.”

“Why pray tell would you choose to be a cat?”

“Cause ‘ey sleep all the time. Pretty sure ‘at’s somethin’ me likes just about more ‘an anythin’.”