The “free” trend

2e480-dana010109011I’m confused by the “give your book away for free” idea. Now I know in marketing you often are availed of samples for free, but it’s not very often that a car dealer runs an ad saying that for the next 24 hours anyone who can get to the showroom gets a free car just to prove that the car is worth buying to someone else. And does the giveaway work? I did give away 40 Geared to the Present to in hopes of boosting reviews on Amazon since that seems to make a difference in where you stand to get attention. And I did attempt to give away 50 ARCs for reviews on Goodreads but  only  a few were picked up and the reviews have been great. BUT does that equal sales? An inquiring mind would like to know how your sales have benefited from  free giveaways. Please take moment to write a few words to help me make a clearer decision in the future. Thanks.

I’ll see you in the future



Bittersweet Deceit

I cannot explain the enjoyment that I experience when my fellow traveler, author Blakely Bennett, gets excited about a focused decision. When she “hears” the right note, it’s a done deal and that is why working with her is SO much fun. We tandem write on occasion but we have decided to pursue the second book of our own series for the next month or so. I am 3000 words into Geared to the Past and she is sitting next to me pounding out a remarkable story called Bittersweet Deceit. I’m telling you, you are going to love it. This is the life we want to share for the rest of our lives,creating stories that make people laugh and cry, angry and elated. For those who have chosen to undertake the adventure of writing, you know that experience when you have the idea and you ( I ) can’t quite figure out how to start. It must be excellent, compelling, the hook of all hooks. So, I started over and over again writing and rewriting the first paragraph. Finally satisfied, I call in all the characters and let them start talking, next thing I know I have 3000 words typed in order, making sentences into paragraphs, throw in  some spicy dialogue and  I am on my way to that 70,000 to 80,000 words strung together to make a book for you to read. I always hope it’s one of the best stories you’ve ever heard. 🙂

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Jones Whitman

It’s interesting that one of the reviewers shared their mental image of Jones Whitman as a Sherlock Homes type character but with a penchant for science and the truth is, if you were to see my bio wall, you would see a photo of Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I had envisioned Jones Whitman the  entire time I wrote the story with Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the role.

I also had photos of every character with a faux biography push pinned to the wall next to my desk for reference. The characters began to interact in such a way that a movie started playing out in my head and that was really fun. And although I use an excel spread sheet with scenes and the characters, I found that once the characters got involved they didn’t always read the script that I had laid out. That’s when they do their own thing and for the most part, it not only works out in plot line, but feels more authentic to read.

The time travel POV is a little different form the “normal” time travel, but I am convinced you will find it a fascinating possibility, primarily because it’s just fun to think about. Hope you have been having a blast writing and chasing your characters around between the covers. See you again in the future!

Dana B

First week

As of Friday, February 28, 2014 Geared to the Present has been live for seven days. The longest seven days of my life! I am getting private messages from friends and relatives (always the first to buy) telling me how much they like the story. I am posting everywhere I can in hopes of generating sales. But I got some advice from a successful author just this morning.  BE PATIENT.  Let your audience discover you and off you’ll go. I know she is right, I know it and I want to be patient, but waiting for my audience feels too passive and yet throwing books at people seems inappropriate. Don’t you think so? So what’s a boy to do? Write a blog in hopes that the writing will be therapeutic and I can find a little solace in the ride. Yeah, that’s what I’ll do.  And it worked. Thanks for listening.

Indie author’s community

This has been an exciting few days. Geared to the Present is live on Amazon in both paperback and Ebook. So I never thought that I would be part of a Beatle’s song, but look at me… paperback writer. I am amazed how tight the indie community seems to be. I want to thank so many people for helping in the launch of Geared to the Present. Writing is often touted as a lonely profession but not in the Indie author’s community. People are available 24/7 around the world. A good example is my book editor, Daniel Kenyon, Irishman living in Palermo, Italy and my cover designer is from Hong Kong, Clarissa Yeo, Yocla Designs.  And of course, you are all familiar with my fellow time traveler, Blakely Bennett   So thanks to everyone for your support of this indie author.


Cover Reveal for Geared to the Present

I’m excited to share the cover reveal for Geared to the Present, Jones Whitman, Time Travel Series.


Title: Gear to the Present
Author: Dana Bennett
Release Date: February 27, 2014
Cover Designer: Yocla Designs


Geared to the Present is the story of Jones Whitman who, after making unsavory lifestyle choices in Boston society, learns his father, James, has arranged for him to school under the tutelage of Master Wong Fei-hung in Foshan, China. Jones Whitman submits to the teaching, evolving into a strong and ethical young man. Fei-hung, master of Hung Gar gives each student a new name upon graduation. Jones’s new name is 時光旅行者, Time Traveler. Jones spends the next seven years working diligently on a design for a time machine. The Atomotron. When the first human trial is to take place, he inadvertently trips the lever and jumps forward 120 years to Snohomish, Washington, 2012. That’s where the real adventure begins.

Jones blushed upon realizing the short length of Darcy’s skirt. He had never seen a woman dressed in that manner. He brought his attention back to her freckled face and brown eyes, at once feeling rather mesmerized and confused. Ever the gentleman, he struggled not to stare at her bare legs.
“You’re not hard on the eyes at all. If you clean up your act—”
“I beg your pardon? What does that mean?”
“Take off those goggles, you look kinda weird with ‘em on.”
“This seems incredibly contentious for a first time meeting,” Jones said, removing his goggles.
 “That’s the kind of girl I am. What’s your name?” She took a tentative step forward and found the green in his hazel eyes captivating.
“Jones Whitman. And yours?”
“I’m Darcy Champagne.” She squinted in the sunlight and dropped her arms to the sides. “Are you from England?”
“No I am not. Please, may I have a few moments to explain the situation in which I find myself?”
“Sure, but this better be good, ‘cause I’m running outta steam for this get together.”
“Yes, as I have as well with the Atomotron.” Jones pointed to the machine. “Well, how shall I begin?” He laid his goggles and dustcoat on the picnic table and took a deep breath contemplating a way to move events forward. “What do you know of time travel?”
“H.G.? I’ve read a few books. I’m in a steampunk sort of mood these days. I even have a corset to wear for this year’s Steamcon.”
“What?” Jones asked. “So, wait, where am I? And what date would it be today?”
“Okaaaay. Now that’s a really odd question.”
Darcy began to back up, crossing her arms in front of her once again.
“It will not seem strange in a few moments, I assure you.”
“You’re in Snohomish, Washington and it’s Sunday, June 2012, and I don’t off hand remember the exact date.”
“This is incredible. I am stunned.” Jones glanced at the toggles on the time machine. “I left Boston, Massachusetts on Monday, 7 September 1891, at precisely 9:30 am.”
“Yeah, right,” she said with a nervous grin. “I’m starting to think you need some help.”
She pulled out her cell phone and looked at it.
“I know how this must sound but please bear with me. I am Jones Whitman, nephew of Walt Whitman—”
“Oh right. Sure you’re the nephew of Walt Whitman and I’m the niece of… of Joan of Arc.”
“You are making light of me, I can tell. So how can I prove to you that I am who I say I am?”
“Wikipedia. If you’re somebody famous, that invented a time machine—well that’s ridiculous because if you had, we’d all be using one right now! Who are you?” Darcy’s eyes widened, the angst apparent in her voice. “I think I’ll call Taylor and have him take you to a shelter.”
Jones wiped his forehead on his sleeve and sat down on the picnic table.
“There must be a way I can explain. I assure you these circumstances came to be by accident. I tripped—”
“Okay. Let’s say you’re telling the truth, then why can’t you just travel back to where you came from?”
“Because I have bent two gears that are crucial to generating the low vibration used to expand my atomic gravitational field to allow for a lateral time and space displacement.”
“What the…? What did you just say?”
Jones sighed.
“May I intrude upon you for a glass of water?”
“That is not what you just said.”
Darcy flopped down next to Jones.
“Yes, I know. However, my immediate need is to quench my thirst.” Jones glanced in the direction of the house. “Would this be your domicile?”
“Yeah. Came by it from the death of my father.”
“And your mother?”
“She’s in a facility. She never got over my Dad’s death. And what business is it of yours anyway?” Darcy looked Jones up and down.
“I realize it is none of my business. I am a curious kind of fellow.” Jones waited.
 Darcy stared at Jones for a moment. “Come on. I’ll take you inside.”
“You can feel completely assured that I mean you no harm,” he said as he rose from the table.
“Not necessary, I’m highly intuitive. I wouldn’t be asking you in if I had even one red flag.” She traipsed over the yard toward the house and bounced up the steps with Jones in tow.


Dana Bennett lived in north central Florida for the first chapter of his life. After high school, he spent the next chapter working with problem teens and their families in Pensacola, Florida and then spent time on the Colorado River Indian Reservation, in Parker, Arizona helping the Native American population. He graduated from Nova Southeastern with a degree in psychology later in life. He has had many eclectic professional experiences in the work arena, always returning to the creativity he finds in building and construction as well as crafting new stories.

He has three wonderful daughters and two adorable grandsons. He is married to his best friend and partner in life, love, and business. They have a strong supportive community of friends and neighbors who encourage them daily to keep writing.

He enjoys each day with Blakely as they work on their never finished project, life. Writing is his bliss and both he and Blakely are chasing the dream of writing full time.

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