Jones Whitman

It’s interesting that one of the reviewers shared their mental image of Jones Whitman as a Sherlock Homes type character but with a penchant for science and the truth is, if you were to see my bio wall, you would see a photo of Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I had envisioned Jones Whitman the  entire time I wrote the story with Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the role.

I also had photos of every character with a faux biography push pinned to the wall next to my desk for reference. The characters began to interact in such a way that a movie started playing out in my head and that was really fun. And although I use an excel spread sheet with scenes and the characters, I found that once the characters got involved they didn’t always read the script that I had laid out. That’s when they do their own thing and for the most part, it not only works out in plot line, but feels more authentic to read.

The time travel POV is a little different form the “normal” time travel, but I am convinced you will find it a fascinating possibility, primarily because it’s just fun to think about. Hope you have been having a blast writing and chasing your characters around between the covers. See you again in the future!

Dana B