TGIF 5/9/14

monks-china-leshan-cc-drs2bizWhat a week of mixed worlds. Troubleshooting a couple of outside projects, dealing with a cranky inspector, and writing about a Buddhist monastery in China, 1864.

I want to approach life in a Buddhist mindset, but my human condition is a constant reminder that it takes compartmentalizing life and reducing the “noise” to walk a Buddhist path. Writing this story has been a pleasure from the viewpoint that life is mystical and magical. I want to take more time to imagine situations, the “what if” of life. Push those limits out further everyday. Stretch my imagination so that I will write you entertaining stories that ask questions about what we already believe.

I am foursquare in favor of an evolving paradigm. A closed paradigm can be the beginning of a very dark attitude about people who are different. I have heard it said that you become that which you attend to the most, thus, I guess it stands to reason to be careful to what you attend.

It’s Friday and I am ‘attending’ a work party this weekend with friends. It is always fun, lots of laughter, good food,and satisfaction for having assisted in bringing things back into balance. Have a great weekend and ask yourself “What do I attend to the most?” Hope you love your answer.

“No day should be without Romance.” ~ Dana Bennett