Writing part time

There is a constant battle that all writers must contend with and that is– do I go for it full time or stay part time until one of my books hits. I work outside the home, self employed, which that in and of itself can be tough. However, it’s very much the same deal. I have to track down potential clients and sell myself and my skill. I do not advertise. It’s all word of mouth based on my performance at previous jobs. People tell each other when they are pleased. The stats go something like this. If they like you they will tell five people, if they don’t they will tell up to twenty. You may want to google the exact numbers, but they are in the ball park correct. So I am beginning to feel the effects of getting to know folks online and building relationships. The folks that have read Geared to the Present and The Demarcation of Jack seem to have a good time according to the reviews. So my books are selling at a steady drip. Like the smoldering fire analogy I am expecting a small rush of water that turns into a stream and then a river. And you should too. Whether part time or full time if it’s your dream it’s up to you to make it happen. So hang in there and let’s keep writing our stories.
“No day should be without Romance.” ~ Dana Bennett
See you in the future,


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