The “free” trend

2e480-dana010109011I’m confused by the “give your book away for free” idea. Now I know in marketing you often are availed of samples for free, but it’s not very often that a car dealer runs an ad saying that for the next 24 hours anyone who can get to the showroom gets a free car just to prove that the car is worth buying to someone else. And does the giveaway work? I did give away 40 Geared to the Present to in hopes of boosting reviews on Amazon since that seems to make a difference in where you stand to get attention. And I did attempt to give away 50 ARCs for reviews on Goodreads but  only  a few were picked up and the reviews have been great. BUT does that equal sales? An inquiring mind would like to know how your sales have benefited from  free giveaways. Please take moment to write a few words to help me make a clearer decision in the future. Thanks.

I’ll see you in the future



One thought on “The “free” trend

  1. I find social media, including giveaways, hard to track as far as whether or not it helps overall sales. It’s really hard to make a direct correlation with any of it.


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