The Demarcation of Jack

Okay all you FANS of The Demarcation of Jack, we have set up an April Fool’s Day 5 day sale on the ebook for Jack and company, seriously no foolin’. We are hoping that each person who has taken the time to “like” our page will also be inclined to participate in the sale. Jack says he would love to visit you in your home and share their story. Write on? Ya mon. 75% off the price of a latte and you get to keep the Ebook. 😉  So stop by and see us at or on Amazon



So next week you can a take a trip to Jamaica, Mon. Drink rum runners and pina coladas while playing in the sun with two couples that happen to be very cool people. Lots of sexy twists and conflict to keep you turning the pages. So where ya gonna get a betta trip for under 4 dollars.

Seeya on the island, mon.



The “free” trend

2e480-dana010109011I’m confused by the “give your book away for free” idea. Now I know in marketing you often are availed of samples for free, but it’s not very often that a car dealer runs an ad saying that for the next 24 hours anyone who can get to the showroom gets a free car just to prove that the car is worth buying to someone else. And does the giveaway work? I did give away 40 Geared to the Present to in hopes of boosting reviews on Amazon since that seems to make a difference in where you stand to get attention. And I did attempt to give away 50 ARCs for reviews on Goodreads but  only  a few were picked up and the reviews have been great. BUT does that equal sales? An inquiring mind would like to know how your sales have benefited from  free giveaways. Please take moment to write a few words to help me make a clearer decision in the future. Thanks.

I’ll see you in the future


Bittersweet Deceit

I cannot explain the enjoyment that I experience when my fellow traveler, author Blakely Bennett, gets excited about a focused decision. When she “hears” the right note, it’s a done deal and that is why working with her is SO much fun. We tandem write on occasion but we have decided to pursue the second book of our own series for the next month or so. I am 3000 words into Geared to the Past and she is sitting next to me pounding out a remarkable story called Bittersweet Deceit. I’m telling you, you are going to love it. This is the life we want to share for the rest of our lives,creating stories that make people laugh and cry, angry and elated. For those who have chosen to undertake the adventure of writing, you know that experience when you have the idea and you ( I ) can’t quite figure out how to start. It must be excellent, compelling, the hook of all hooks. So, I started over and over again writing and rewriting the first paragraph. Finally satisfied, I call in all the characters and let them start talking, next thing I know I have 3000 words typed in order, making sentences into paragraphs, throw in  some spicy dialogue and  I am on my way to that 70,000 to 80,000 words strung together to make a book for you to read. I always hope it’s one of the best stories you’ve ever heard. 🙂

See you in the future,


Jones Whitman

It’s interesting that one of the reviewers shared their mental image of Jones Whitman as a Sherlock Homes type character but with a penchant for science and the truth is, if you were to see my bio wall, you would see a photo of Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I had envisioned Jones Whitman the  entire time I wrote the story with Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the role.

I also had photos of every character with a faux biography push pinned to the wall next to my desk for reference. The characters began to interact in such a way that a movie started playing out in my head and that was really fun. And although I use an excel spread sheet with scenes and the characters, I found that once the characters got involved they didn’t always read the script that I had laid out. That’s when they do their own thing and for the most part, it not only works out in plot line, but feels more authentic to read.

The time travel POV is a little different form the “normal” time travel, but I am convinced you will find it a fascinating possibility, primarily because it’s just fun to think about. Hope you have been having a blast writing and chasing your characters around between the covers. See you again in the future!

Dana B